Wyatt Hairdressing & Barbering

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Wyatt is a sustainable beauty salon with an appetite for daring do’s. The interior design reminds you of a science lab, which makes for a crisp, clean look. Careful consideration has been given to the décor, from the selection of the products they use to the coffee they serve out of stunning silver cups – it’s all organic. The salon usually has emo-come-indie music humming away in the background. Miss Candice Wyatt has a penchant for creating dramatic hairstyles. She’ll shear her way through a mop of hair (belonging to men or women) and transform it into an angular, high-fashion work of art. Trims, dyes and treatments aside, a haircut from Wyatt (if left solely to the hands of its patron) will not just give you a new look, but will leave you with an identity and an attitude. Plus, it’s really reasonably priced. The journey of 1000 good hair days begins with just one snip – and Wyatt’s is a very good place to take that first step!


Contact Info

Shop number: 16A
Contact number: 011 482 6111