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If you are an individual with a taste for something a little different and ‘more you’, then you’ll love Sirkel Jewellery!

Sirkel Jewellery was started by goldsmith, Jan Bekker, in 2006 after studying and working as a manufacturing jeweller in the trade for a few years.

As a result of being exposed to mostly mass-produced jewellery during this period, Jan decided that with Sirkel he’d focus on bringing back the personal element to jewellery making. Sirkel thrives on its one-on-one client consultations, resulting in the creation of pieces that are custom-designed and hand-made to uniquely suit each client. And because each piece of jewellery will last a lifetime or longer, Jan’s clients are encouraged to express and communicate their personalities and tastes freely in the personal design of their jewels.

Sirkel produces all forms of jewellery using all precious metals, precious and semi-precious gemstones as well as objects found on travels, wood and many other materials.

Their handmade engagement and wedding rings are exquisite, superbly crafted and understated just enough to never age yet still produce the most sincere responses of envy and admiration.

However unattainable you may think your dream piece of jewellery is, Sirkel Jewellery will go out of their way to help make it a reality. In fact, the more unique and different the piece, the more inspired they’ll be!


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